1. How to Create, Live and Sell Your Personal Brand with Cindy McGovern #290 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 33:29


In this episode, I am speaking with Dr. Cindy McGovern who is the author of Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live, and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand. Many of you will need to rebrand for an encore career, switching industries, or pivoting careers. If so, this is the book for you.

Here is her bio from her website.

Known as the First Lady of Sales®, Dr. Cindy has worked with major organizations for the last 18 years to not only help them grow but also turn their human capital into confident salespeople at every level of their company. Dr. Cindy also works one-on-one with individuals to coach them through her process and transform them into better, more confident salespeople—no matter what they’re selling!

Using tools from her Doctorate in Organizational Communication and years of consulting, Dr. Cindy developed sales cultures across various industries to change human behavior at a fundamental level. Her goal is to help people to get over the ick factor in selling so they can embrace their inner salesperson. Because everyone sells every day, Dr. Cindy wants to be a resource to help people to learn how to sell more effectively. With a business motto of “Grow Big or Go Home,” Dr. Cindy transforms businesses and individuals to increase growth and revenue.

Backed by an equally experienced team, Dr. Cindy is the face of Orange Leaf Consulting and is working with McGraw-Hill to release her second book this fall, titled Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand.

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