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June 9th, 2024

EP 80: Real Confidence- Body Talk: Decoding the Signals of Real Confidence

  1. EP 80: Real Confidence- Body Talk: Decoding the Signals of Real Confidence Alyssa Dver 20:57

You may already know that I hate the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it”. You can’t just fake confidence and expect it to stick. You can be dressed to the nines and runway-ready, but if you’re not feeling it, if you’re not actively choosing to be confident, people are going to see, smell and otherwise just know it. 

And then you’re just a well-dressed fake.

I’m not saying physical appearance doesn’t matter – because it does – but it’s no substitute for self-respect and being confident and comfortable in your clothes AND skin. Dressing the part can help, but it’s what’s going on inside that really counts.

So how can you look AND be confident? 

I’m glad you asked because that’s what I get into in this episode of Real Confidence: Posture, eye contact, nervous ticks, the words that come out of your mouth, how to teach your brain that it’s go-time by creating positive triggers, and my number one insider tip to help you radiate confidence from the inside out.

Hint: it’s something I teach and preach all the time. Listen in and then drop me a line and let me know if you guessed right!

Alyssa Dver Confidence Crusader & Neuro Nerd

Confidence Crusader, Neuro Nerd and Success Equalizer, Alyssa Dver leads the American Confidence Institute and the global association ERG Leadership Alliance that directly helps all workplaces be more diverse, equitable and inclusive. She received a Stevie Award for Thought Leadership, has two TEDx talks, hosts the popular podcasts Real Confidence and Distilled Confidence, and authored 8 expert-endorsed books including “Confidence is a Choice: Real Science. Superhero Impact.” and “ERG Intelligence.” She can be seen delivering 150+ talks each year, coaching at MIT and Wharton innovation centers and as spokesperson for both L’Oreal’s IT Cosmetics brand and The American Distilling Institute.

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