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July 9th, 2024

The FTC Says No to Noncompetes

  1. The FTC Says No to Noncompetes Sarah & Beth 44:44

The Federal Trade Commission wants you to be able to quit your job. Their new rule banning noncompetes has the potential to shake up the labor market in big ways. We spoke with Elizabeth Wilkins about the reasoning behind the rule change and why you should care.


  • New Rules from the FTC with Elizabeth Wilkins
  • Outside of Politics: Packing

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Pantsuit Politics is a podcast for real conversations that help us understand politics, democracy, and the news - while still treating each other like thoughtful human beings. We take a different approach to the news; our political analysis blends hard facts with important social and cultural undercurrents so you don’t miss the big picture. Over years of discussing everything from abortion to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we established basic rules of engagement, which we describe in our books, Now What? How to Move Forward When We’re Divided (About Basically Everything) (2022) and I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversation (2019). Listeners describe us as “America’s political therapists” and “our trusted, smarter friends who can help us make sense of the world.”

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