1. #141- Morgan Higgins: Originating a Leading Role on Broadway...A Life on Stage and Screen Jackson Huff 1:16:10

This week we jump on stage with Broadway star Morgan Higgins as she takes us through her illustrious yet still burgeoning career. We talk the early days of not wanting to go to auditions, to starring in a Nickelodeon movie, to a short lived singing competition called Rising Star. She did a lot as a young performer, but was only getting started. More recently she was a back-up singer for John Mellencamp’s Farm Aid performance and begun work on his untitled play before the pandemic. She has reached the first peak of her journey currently as she stars in Broadway’s “Bad Cinderella” a modern, gritty take on a classic. This was an extremely amazing conversation and one you will not want to miss!


Bad Cinderella website to Grab Tickets before the curtains close on June 4th: https://badcinderellabroadway.com/

Morgan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/morgannhigginss/


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