1. Episode #63: Pets and the World of Pet Parenting Looking Forward 31:46

Hi everyone.

In this episode, Episode # 63 of Looking Forward, we’re going to speak about something millions of people around the world are proud to have as part of their family: their pets.  

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we’ll discuss several topics, including how the pet industry has changed over the years, how big the industry is and who owns pets, what trends we’re seeing in the industry now in both the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, and what impact COVID-19 has had on all of this. We’ll also get a few tips about pet adoption and begin to look at what the future of the pet industry may look like.

To help us do this, we’ve brought on an outstanding expert, a man who’s spent 55 years working in the pet industry! He’s Phil Cooper. With experience at all levels of the pet industry, Phil Cooper has done it all. He’s been a retailer and a multi-unit store operator. He had the very first pet superstore in the USA. He’s been part owner of an 80-year-old pet distribution company in Australia, and he was also the highest volume pet product rep in the United States for many years.

Phil has done everything from importing containers to opening United States’ offices for overseas firms. He has traveled the world buying and selling pet products. And he has specialized in building small pet product companies into large firms. 

Currently, Phil owns and operates petindustryexpert.com, which offers a variety of business services to pet companies both small and large. His business is very active in licensing new pet items, launching new pet companies, consulting to major consulting firms, selling to national accounts, rescuing pet firms, and rebuilding old brands. 

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Jeff Ostroff is an experienced, versatile marketing and communications executive. He currently hosts and produces two podcasts which he created, “Looking Forward: Opportunities for Job, Career, Business, and Investment Seekers,” and “Health Care on the Horizon.” He’s a co-host for the “MyMacD Life” podcast, which is about macular degeneration.

Jeff’s also a podcast creator/consultant, voice-over talent, event host/facilitator, producer of audio or video business “spotlight” promos, and a seniors’ (silver) marketing advisor. Jeff’s first career was focused primarily on seniors, health care, travel, and marketing. He’s the author of the Prentice-Hall Book, “Successful Marketing to the 50+ Consumer” (Prentice-Hall.)