1. Generation Bold Radio, December 15, 2019--Guest: Heidi Wagner, The Passions Project BizTalkRadio 39:29

For 15 years, Colorado based photographer Heidi Wagner has used her camera to look closely at extraordinary people of all ages. Since 2013, Heidi Wagner has made The Passions Project the central focus of her creative work. Through The Passions Project, Heidi finds a platform to share the beauty and vitality she sees in people who are living their life to the fullest and following their passion: “When you see someone doing what they love to do, you no longer see their age. You see their passion.”
Wagner captures images of older adults through striking photographs that portray the beauty of aging while redefining our ideas about what it means to get older. Through photographing her subjects in the midst of actively living out their passions, Wagner shares a new and different perspective on aging. Instead of looking back at life as something that’s passed, she looks at life as an exciting time filled with vitality and wellness where each day has purpose and meaning.