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  1. 128. Motivational Firewood with Steve Gamlin Lori Saitz 46:57

Are you someone who uses self-deprecation to get laughs?

Steve Gamlin was too until a pivotal moment when his friend Kris figuratively put on a pair of steel toe boots and kicked his ass and woke him up to the dangerous effects of doing that.

Steve was raised to believe in the value of hard work. When Steve was 7, his dad bought their house and started remodeling it, one room at a time. All the Gamlin kids pitched in – helping with the remodeling, yardwork, and before Steve was ten years old he was clearing brush and chopping firewood.

Additionally, Steve’s mother instilled in him a love of reading and writing.

When Steve was 11, he decided he wanted to be a radio DJ, a standup comedian, an author of books, and a teacher of people – but not in a classroom. To inspire and coach people. When he was 24, he landed his first radio station job.

His dad gave him sound advice, “You got your foot in the door, now bust your ass so you don’t get thrown back out the door!”

For over a decade, Steve worked in radio 50 to 60 hours a week, going through several jobs as radio stations were bought out and the new management fired the old crew. After 10 years of this stress, he walked away, emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted.

When his marriage ended shortly after that because of poor communication since he was never home, he found himself $62,000 in debt. Soon after, a mentor helped him triple the revenue from his weekend event DJ business in just two years.

But he was still beating himself up for the decisions he’d made in those previous 10 years. As I mentioned a moment ago, he’d started speaking on stages and was incorporating a lot of self-deprecating humor. After that conversation with Kris, he started learning how to continue using humor, but not at the expense of his self-esteem.

Along the way, he created Vision Board Mastery, a unique approach to vision boarding you’ve likely not heard before. This one consists of 10 steps but doesn’t involve selecting the photos of your lifestyle for the board until Step 7. There’s a reason for that.

Oh, and you’ll also hear how a random email led Steve to find the love of his life.

Are you ready to hear more?

Steve’s hype song is “Happy” by The Rolling Stones.


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Lori Saitz Gratitude & Meditation Expert and Podcast Host

Lori Saitz is the founder and CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “Fine is a 4-Letter Word.” An award-winning author, speaker, and broadcaster, Lori is on a mission to teach the world to be calm and grounded no matter what’s going on.

High achievers come to her because they have a strong drive to be productive, but at the end of the day never feel accomplished enough. As a nationally recognized gratitude and meditation expert, Lori guides those entrepreneurs and business and community leaders from stressed and chaotic to peaceful and focused and shows them how to live a sabbatical life. Then they then start seeing sales increase, relationships strengthen, and overall health improve.

In August 2022, Lori took a month-long sabbatical road trip with her 19-year-old cat. Read her account in chapter 8 of Love Warriors: The Conscious Expert’s Guide to Healing, Joy, and Manifestation. You can often find Lori in her sanctuary, aka the weight room at the gym. She also loves cupcakes, Thai food, and classic rock music.