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December 9th, 2023

Blossoming into Abundance: A Guided Meditation Journey

  1. Blossoming into Abundance: A Guided Meditation Journey Rev. Yugen Bond 28:06

Welcome to “Blossoming into Abundance,” a podcast where you’ll be guided through transformative meditation experiences. In this episode, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. You’ll be guided through various exercises, including focused breathing, gratitude practices, sensory awareness, and powerful visualizations. This session is designed to help you break through mental limitations, embrace positive affirmations, and manifest abundance in your life. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, personal growth, or a deeper connection with your inner self, this meditation is a step toward nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Join us in this tranquil escape as we explore the power of meditation combined with interactive Journaling to transform and enrich your life.

Show Summary

  • [00:00] Introduction to the meditation session, focusing on getting comfortable and preparing for a transformative experience.
  • [01:00] Guided breathing exercise and reflection on the interconnectedness of all beings through breath.
  • [02:00] Gratitude practice, focusing on the body’s functions and capabilities.
  • [04:00] Sensory awareness exercise, engaging with the immediate environment.
  • [06:00] Visualization of growth and transformation, imagining the body as a seed experiencing growth.
  • [10:00] Breaking through mental limitations and shedding negative thoughts.
  • [12:00] Journal exercise to challenge and change limiting beliefs.
  • [16:00] Visualization of transformation into a flower, embodying beauty and strength.
  • [20:00] Reflection on personal definitions of abundance and manifestation exercise.
  • [24:00] Visioning exercise for future aspirations and goals.
  • [25:00] Conclusion of the meditation, reconnecting with the present moment.

ABOUT THE PODCAST: This minimalist wants more. Enough-ism is about having enough, already. The world is experiencing an awakening. This podcast about mindfulness, meditation, and minimalism is your modern toolkit to keep your spirit right and your soul bright. One candle can light a fire.  

ABOUT THE HOST: Rev. Yugen Bond is a retired material girl and producer and host of the Enough-ism Podcast, with over two decades of experience as a journalist, editor, content director, and professor. She once despised meditation, had both too much and nothing to wear, and didn’t know how to slow down her thoughts. What a journey it’s been. Time to share it with the world, especially with you.   

CONTACT INFO:  Can’t get enough of Enough-ism? Follow @IAmEnoughism and visit | Support the show: Buy the “Enough-ism: This Minimalist Wants More” e-book now on Amazon Kindle! For business inquiries, guest requests, and speaking engagements, email 

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Rev. Yugen Bond Producer and Host, Enough-ism Podcast

Rev. Yugen Bond, retired material girl, reiki healer, and producer and host of the Enough-ism Podcast, has a master's in metaphysical sciences and is the author of "Enough-ism: This Minimalist Wants More."

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