1. How to Heal After a Beloved Pet's Death: Kaleel Sakakeeny, Animal Talks CEO, on Grieving with Grace Rev. Yugen Bond 17:56

Pet loss Grief. It’s one of the greatest pains in the world. Kaleel Sakakeeny, ordained animal chaplain and credentialed pet loss and bereavement counselor, explores the depth of the animal companion-human bond, the complex and individualized nature of Grief, and the importance of embracing and coping with tough emotions that will essentially always be a part of who you are. We’ll also share personal stories and insights into the healing process, providing a compassionate guide for those navigating through this challenging experience with grace.

Topics Covered:

The Nature of Grief in Pet Loss

Understanding the Depth of Pet-Owner Bond

Journey Through Grief

Personal Stories and Healing

Guest: Animal Talks CEO, Kaleel Sakakeeny | ⁠animaltalksinc.com⁠ | kaleel@animaltalksinc.com | 617-818-1432

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RESOURCES: If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues, especially in coping with Grief or loss, help is available. Please reach out to a mental health professional or contact a mental health helpline. Remember, seeking support is a sign of strength, and you don’t have to go through something alone. The U.S. national mental health help hotline is call 988, with 24/7 access to trained crisis counselors.

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Rev. Yugen Bond Producer and Host, Enough-ism Podcast

Rev. Yugen Bond, retired material girl, reiki healer, and producer and host of the Enough-ism Podcast, has a master's in metaphysical sciences and is the author of "Enough-ism: This Minimalist Wants More."