1. Ep. 72: Kristi Porter, Chief Do-Gooder at Signify Solutions Kate Cherichello 35:15

Start this episode for all sorts of insights into the nonprofit world, listen to the end for a most inspiring chat on growth versus scarcity mindsets…

Today’s guest on Be The Good with Kate is Kristi Porter, Founder and Chief Do-Gooder at Signify Solutions, which helps cause-focused organizations “understand and execute effective marketing campaigns so they can move from stressed to strategic”. Limited resources, as Kristi explains, does not mean limited potential.

How much stronger organizations are when they collaborate, hone their brands, verbalize their message, and build community. Kristi helps organizations make a bigger social impact.

What is social enterprise? Hear how Kristi explains and also shares stories of nonprofit growth and impact.

If you are in Atlanta like Kristi, she also mentions an organization called Be The Bridge and a great stop called Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party 🙂

**This week also begins Season 6 and our month of giving shout-outs to those who were nominated in my birthday ‘Highlight a Good Deeds Doer’ challenge.

Today’s shout-out is Cheryl Miller, @gypseejourney . Meet her at the end of today’s episode!

~~Join me each Friday, as I ask an individual five questions about the good they are doing in the world via following their passions. Be inspired by their example and advice on how each of us has the ability to make a difference.~~

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