1. Sasha Lipskaia, M.A. ICF, Intuitive Guide & Spiritual Coach, Ep. 110 Kate Cherichello 33:26

A spiritual coach and intuitive guide…what is that? Let’s find out on this week’s episode of Be The Good with Kate. 

“Sasha Lipskaia, M.A. ICF, is an intuitive guide, spiritual coach, and sacred intimacy mentor to soul-driven leaders and light-workers, who want to experience deeper love and devotion, serve their higher purpose, and embody their worth with power, integrity, and faith.

Sasha’s work focuses on helping her clients reconnect to their intuition and heal their hearts while mastering their energetic power to create what they truly desire while serving others.”

I particularly am drawn to how Sasha describes how her passion for performing channeled into this path, how she thought she was meant to be an actor at first, but then saw how this skillset was manifesting in another way.

Thank you for listening to Be The Good with Kate, where it is my honor to share with you each week guests who inspire us to find and follow our passions at any age– but not only that, to do this while making the world a better place along the way. 

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