Author: Erica Stux

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

If you find you’re short on time, but want something to read that’s cute, lightly entertaining, and “relatable,” then you might want to test drive, Who, Me? Paranoid? by Erica Stux. It could be this short, humorous book full of daily observations is just the ticket for you.

Her stories, such as husbands who think opening the freezer and staring is a sport, or another one where the author says she’s “running a household with the deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes and the intuition of Agent 007,” may have you saying, “that’s my life, I totally get it!” My favorite story was “Cat-alyst” which was a story about a cat who wouldn’t chase mice.

While Who, Me? Paranoid? is not your knee- slapping, “holding your tummy with laughter” type book, it does provide the reader with some really funny life experiences that can’t help but tip the “Giggle-O- Meter” from time to time.

Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW

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