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I have been selecting A WORD for my year for many years. I used to set New Year’s resolutions. I suspect, like you, many of the resolutions we set were soon abandoned once we failed to meet our expectations of what it took to keep that resolution.

Gym memberships – started strong…

Lose weight – until that first craving for chocolate or ice cream

Get organized/declutter – just can’t get started.

Then you feel badly about yourself and engage in negative self-talk.

“I am no good at keeping resolutions.”

“I will never lose weight, get smarter, get more fit.”

“I am just lazy, why can’t I do better?”

The truth is you feel like you failed and there is no motivation to try again.

With a WORD for the year, you can’t fail. You may not get it right all the time, but you still have the rest of the year to live your word.

By keeping your WORD present in your mind you become more aware of your behaviors, you are learning new things about yourself and you are making progress.

I always recommend you get creative and make a picture or create an Image with your WORD that you can post. Mine is on my bulletin board in my office.

Feel free to use The Word of the Year Idea Generator to come up with your word for 2024.

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