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Five Weeks of BADASSERY: Week Five

For the next seven days:

Appreciate something.

What you appreciate, appreciates.

Raise the value of your experiences by finding something in each one to appreciate (sometimes it’s enough to appreciate the fact that you survived to live another day), your tools (consider all the effort and energy of the people who made the wonderful tools that you use every day that make your life easier), the processes, routines, and rituals that make your life so much better.

Appreciate your body for what it does for you each day. I suggest telling it so. When I am doing something particularly strenuous, or when my body is tired, I often give it some love by saying, in my mind, how much I appreciate her, how she is strong and powerful and so, so healthy. This approach has helped me to get through many challenging situations.

Here’s an interesting option: Appreciate your medications

It is a tradition in many cultures to give thanks or bless your food prior to consuming it. Why not do the same with medications? If you have to take medication for whatever reason, offer them a huge THANK YOU as you take their healing energy into your body.

Consider the alternative – if every time you take your meds you do so with dread – what kind of energy signature are you setting up within your body?

A true BADASS always finds something to appreciate.

That’s it, folks, five weeks of BADASSERY.

Five Weeks Of Badassery: Week Five &Raquo; The Person You Become

Originally Published on https://akasha111blog.wordpress.com/

Paula D. Tozer is the author of three books - Saving Your Own Life: Learning to Live Like You Are Dying; An Elegant Mind's Handbook, and Enchanting Treve, a Novel. She is also an actor, singer/songwriter, Creativity Coach, competitive speaker, and leader with Toastmasters, as well as an avid cyclist, hiker, gym rat, and critter lover. The vast majority of her accomplishments have been achieved after the age of 50, demonstrating that It is never too late to be what you truly could have been...

Paula believes that living fiercely at any age is the way to optimize our time on this side of the grass. She has taken up the mission to inspire and motivate her contemporaries with what she has found that has allowed her to age with elegance, vitality, and most of all, good humor!

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