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Don’t love your work?

Can’t wait to get the heck out of there when your shift is done?

It’s up to you to find some part of your job to enjoy.

Let’s get real:

You signed on for this work.

You agreed to their terms and conditions. Even if you felt you had no choice but to take this job, at some point you must have been relieved when you got the opportunity.  Why aren’t you pleased that the option came your way?

Gratitude for what you have is the beginning of enjoyment.

Every person in the workplace has found themselves in this situation at one time or another. I have been in it more than once – a high-stress, repetitive job that involved taking inbound calls for 8 hours a day, dealing with micro-managers, strict protocols, and irate clients…been there, done that!

Being unhappy with your work, or the workplace itself, can suck.

However, it is a challenge that Thrivers overcome every day. Thrivers work towards a goal with determination, discipline, good humor, and a dedication to excellence despite the conditions in which they find themselves.


If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of complaints, you know how frustrating and demotivating they can be to hear. Before you start to complain, get creative!

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. What does your job allow you to do? (maintain a good lifestyle, enjoy benefits, form collaborations and friendships, take vacations, etc.)
  2. What skills are you learning, developing, and mastering in this environment? (skills that can transfer to other aspects of life or other jobs, a level of mastery that makes you more employable across a wider scope of workplaces, experiences that you can directly apply to new opportunities, etc.)
  3. How are you developing a shiny skin that deflects negativity in this workplace? (Adversity shows us to ourselves in ways that ease cannot...what has made you tougher, wiser, more resilient, and more adaptable than you were before, etc?)
  4. What important takeaway did you receive today? (a great conversation, a triumph that changed the tone of a difficult interaction with a customer, closing a deal, positive feedback from a client or a supervisor, finding a solution to a problem that works very well, etc.)
  5. How does that voice inside that says, this is beneath you…you don’t like this…you should be paid more…this is so damn boring…serve you? (does it serve to make you more satisfied, more purposeful, and more clear on what you want…or don’t want?)

Take back your power – you made this choice, right?

It’s up to you to find some part of your job to enjoy.

If you really don’t like it – speak up.

If nothing changes, find another job, then quit.

If nothing changes and you cannot find another, better job, go back to the beginning of this post.

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Paula D. Tozer is the author of three books - Saving Your Own Life: Learning to Live Like You Are Dying; An Elegant Mind's Handbook, and Enchanting Treve, a Novel. She is also an actor, singer/songwriter, Creativity Coach, competitive speaker, and leader with Toastmasters, as well as an avid cyclist, hiker, gym rat, and critter lover. The vast majority of her accomplishments have been achieved after the age of 50, demonstrating that It is never too late to be what you truly could have been...

Paula believes that living fiercely at any age is the way to optimize our time on this side of the grass. She has taken up the mission to inspire and motivate her contemporaries with what she has found that has allowed her to age with elegance, vitality, and most of all, good humor!

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