In a few short weeks America will elect its next President, a few governors, and some major legislators. In addition, state and local elections include a multitude of local propositions and candidates that can have far reaching affects on the regions and the country as a whole. Voting is a right, and with rights come responsibilities. It is therefore the responsibility of every single citizen to VOTE. 

Seniors may need assistance

Seniors may have the most difficult and complicated issues when it comes to voting. Just getting a ballot or making it to the polls can seem an insurmountable task. And if they do receive a mail in ballot, they may need help getting it safely returned to be counted. If returning it by mail, it is recommended to add postage (1-2 stamps depending on the size) so that it become a 1st class mail piece and MUST be handled as such by the post office.  Otherwise it might be delayed.

Some, including President Trump, are using every option and excuse to make voting more difficult this year. Absentee and mail in ballots are being bashed as possibly fraudulent even though some states like Oregon have had total mail in voting for years without any more issues than can happen in any election process. We are humans and nothing will ever work perfectly. Two years ago, Los Angeles county had sever issues with electronic ballots and this time around they have a backup paper ballot option for those who don’t want to deal with possible technology sues.

In California, there are rumors of ballots being delivered without the presidential options. However, I have yet to actually see these so called errors. Mine arrived intact yesterday.

COVID-19 issues and voting

COVID-19 presents barriers and obstacles for voting especially in person. During the primary elections we saw people standing in line for hours huddled without social distancing and many without masks. This is extremely dangerous and not recommended for anyone, especially not the elderly!

Please check in with your elderly loved ones and neighbors to ensure they have a ride to the polls or help with their mail in ballots.  They might need postage, or help delivering it to a ballot drop box or to the polls for safe delivery. Take advantage of early voting dates to access polls when less in demand.

Track your ballot

There are apps online to ensure registration, notification of ballots sent out, ballots received and ballots counted. This is electronic tracking and your loved ones or neighbors may need your assistance in tracking their ballots. The Washington Post offers this information. Ballots have Intelligent Barcodes which are unique to each ballot.

Key issues for older voters

There are several key issues at stake for our elderly loved ones in this election. Among them is the status of Social Security, SSI and other disability income, Medicare and healthcare options. Voting is not an option this year it is essential for every voter to VOTE and every vote to be counted! It’s not about political party- it’s about all of us! Please VOTE and help others if they need assistance! Thank you!!!💞



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