Energy is at the very source of life. Someone living with DEMENTIA, or someone providing care to someone living with dementia, can benefit by applying one or more of these three energy areas:

  • BOTANICAL ENERGY (for the person living with dementia and the care providers)
  • MEMORY ENERGY (for the care providers)
  • ENERGY MEDICINE (for the person living with dementia and their care providers)


BOTANICAL ENERGY refers to supplements that controls the most basic bodily functions necessary to experiencing optimal physical health. At the very foundation of optimal health to create energy that protects and sustains us are 4 simple supplements: D3; Super B Complex, Garlic Oil, and Selenium. Many herbal preparations have the same benefits as prescription drugs. However all prescription drugs can have negative affects. Read more here:
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MEMORY ENERGY refers to emotional feelings past experiences or long-held ideas that turn into burdens and impediments. These beliefs affect every area of life. This therapeutic method can even be done by a child who experiences bullying or high anxiety in social situations. It is especially beneficial for someone living the PTSD and chronic conditions. High stress is often reported by those working in the field of dementia care. Change the way you work, the way you love, the way you control your weight, the way you treat others and others treat you by having clearer emotional control. Read more here:

ENERGY MEDICINE refers to a new way of alternative treatment used in the field of dementia and other areas of health. Biofeedback, in the 50s and 60s, discovered how energy could lower or increase blood pressure at will. This new form of energy is somewhat similar only in the way the GSHS Practitioner has the ability to request the human body to reach it’s optimal functioning and apply the proper frequencies necessary to correct a functioning problem whether it has to do with the brain, blood system, or any other function. The human body is ‘electrical’; we run on ‘energy’. Energy refers to anything that vibrates. Every vibration has a frequency. When the organs do not vibrate properly, sickness is the end result. Read more here:


“Fundamentally, life is an energy-handling process. What most clearly separates the living from the non-living is the fact that life uses energy to maintain itself.” (

The 3 forms of energy techniques described in this article have been shown to be beneficial in the field of dementia and dementia care. None have unwanted side effects such as death, or worsening of an existing condition. In fact a trained and experience practitioner in each area is able to quickly recognize when such an approach or technique may or may not be recommended.

Always consult with your physician first who is qualified to make a diagnosis and to confirm any change in your condition should you venture to apply one or more of these 3 energy forms of healing yourself.

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Dr. Ethelle G. Lord Master Dementia Coach

Dr. Lord is a published author, educator, speaker and master Alzheimer/dementia coach.

Dr. Éthelle Lord holds a doctorate degree in management from the University of Phoenix (2010), a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Maine (1992), a graduate certificate as a life coach from CoachU (2002), is a practitioner of energy medicine (Good Shepherd Healing System or GSHS), and several certificates in a variety of professional training programs that support her work. Her most recent certification is an advanced training certificate in face reading (2018) that allows her to quickly and effectively relate to someone who is living with dementia. She considers face reading an essential tool for all dementia coaches and care providers. Dr. Lord is a practitioner of energy medicine, especially the Good Shepherd Healing System (GSHS).

Dr. Lord has 21 years of first-hand experience as a dementia caregiver for her husband, Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Ret., who was officially diagnosed in January 2003 with Vascular Dementia. His dementia was contained in 2015 when he participated as a subject in a small but informal energy medicine study along with six other participants from California to France. Larry died on June 18, 2020 from a broken heart since the nursing facility was locked down to all visitors due to the Covid-19.

In the summer of 2012, she was a keynote in Chicago to a large audience of neurologists from all over the world who were seeking first-hand information on family caregiving and Alzheimer’s. Her keynote was entitled “Yes Virginia, You Can Have an Alzheimer’s-Friendly Healthcare Experience”. From that moment on, she realized the great need for the importance of adopting a universal standard in training and delivering dementia care by professionals and family caregivers.

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