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Guardians of Wisdom: Unleashing Your Superpower

Here is a riddle:What do we absorb in childhood, learn through experience in adulthood, and master in late life?

Answer: Guardianship

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh: Are Built to Be GuardiansImagine if you didn’t have a guardian. Would you be the person you are today? Likely not. Guardians don’t just secure our physical well-being and support us emotionally—they provide the wisdom passed down from generations. We all had someone who shaped our journey, and in turn, we all become that guiding light for others.

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The Role of a GuardianGuardians are custodians, caretakers, and protectors. They are the invisible hands that shape lives, values, and cultures. From the moment we are born, our guardians secure our well-being, guiding us until we can stand on our own. Then, as we mature, we take on this mantle ourselves, caring for others and passing on what we’ve learned.

Guardianship in ActionBecoming a guardian means more than just caring for others. It’s about safeguarding wisdom and values. It’s a role that doesn’t drain us but empowers us, giving us a sense of purpose and control.

As we reach Midlife, this role intensifies. We understand the importance of preserving and passing on the knowledge we’ve gathered. We are not just keepers of people but keepers of wisdom. This wisdom is a treasure that we must protect and share, ensuring it enriches future generations.

Unleash Your SuperpowerWe all possess this incredible superpower—the power to guard. And it doesn’t require a special degree or social standing, just the desire to protect and share wisdom. So, put on your metaphorical cape and embrace your role as a guardian.

You are a guardian of wisdom, and your influence can shape the future.


ReferencesVaillant, George E. Triumphs of Experience: The Men of the Harvard Grant Study, Harvard University Press, 2012.

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Deborah Heiser, PhD The Right Side of 40

Deborah Heiser, PhD is an Applied Developmental Psychologist with a specialty in Aging. I'm a researcher, TEDx speaker, contributor for Psychology Today, Substack blogger, CEO of The Mentor Project, and adjunct professor of Psychology.

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