Saturday - June 10, 2023
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Shannon Petrovich

What Does a Narcissist Mean When They Say, ‘I Love You’?
October 11th, 2022

  So many people are drawn in when a narcissist professes love for them.  They think they’ve made a ‘breakthrough’, that the narcissist has changed, and they really feel love.  They think maybe the narcissist will be different, more caring and empathic.  Or they mistakenly think they are ‘the one’ the narcissist has been looking for all their lives, and they will treat them better than they’ve treated anyone else in the past. But here’s the truth; when a narcissist says, ‘I love you’ they mean one of two things, and neither one will turn out well for you! There is a lot of... Continue Reading

6 Life Hacks to Improve Your Self Esteem!
October 10th, 2022

  Low self-esteem is not only epidemic, there is not even a good understanding of what it means; many confuse arrogance, or narcissism with positive self image when truly, the most solid sense of self looks very content and humble.  Today we’ll talk about what real self-esteem is made of and give you six ways to improve yours! Having a solid positive sense of self is to know yourself and to love and respect who you are.  This is not about looks or achievements and doesn’t come from doing anything to act confident.  Who are you?  Take a few moments and ask yourself to look at your character;... Continue Reading

Feeling Like You’re in a Minefield with a Narcissist? Be a Journalist!
October 10th, 2022

As a therapist I’m often asked how to deal with difficult people.  Whether it’s a narcissist you have to still deal with, or a toxic person at work, or someone annoying you at a social gathering, or an intrusive or controlling family member, or any other difficult person in your life,  I’ve put this blog together to help explain the strategies I encourage clients to use to help them take care of themselves in these situations.  I used to call it being an anthropologist but I’ve realized it may be more helpful to call it the Journalist Method. Think about a journalist in a war zone; I’m... Continue Reading