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My Musical Calendar &Raquo; Notes To Self By Mark Obrien

My Musical Calendar

I have a theory that, for some people, the calendar just stops. It stops at different times for different people. But it definitely stops. All of their cultural influences — sartorial, tonsorial, musical, et al. — freeze. I don’t know if those freezes could be considered time warps. It’s more likely they reflect periods of […]

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Digital Marketing &Raquo; Notes To Self By Mark Obrien

Digital Marketing

I had occasion to speak with a prospect on a Zoom call the other day. She was looking for help in establishing her brand and marketing her online workshops and published materials. She insisted those things could be accomplished only by a digital marketing agency. I suggested digital marketing (or online marketing) simply means promoting […]

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Management of Time or Management of Self: Simplified Insights

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, good time management is key. It’s different from being an employee because you’re the one who must make sure you use your time well. Making the Most of Your Time Have you ever said, “I wish I had more time,” or “I can’t find the time”? We all say […]

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Creating Better Online Habits for a More Productive Day

Creating better online habits can transform your day, especially if you’re entering into the world of online entrepreneurship. Before I ventured into my online business, I had the structure of corporate life to guide me. I knew exactly what was expected each day. However, stepping into the online world, I faced a whole new set […]

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Why Is Growing Older So Lonely? &Raquo; Marc Joseph

Why is Growing Older So Lonely?

Growing older is a natural part of life’s journey, yet for many, it comes with a sense of loneliness. When we were kids, teenagers, and young adults, we often determined our self-worth by the number of friends we had in our circle. As we begin to get older, we may prefer having fewer, but closer […]

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Cultivating Resilience: Essential for Entrepreneurs

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” ~ Nelson Mandela Being resilient isn’t just about hanging in there or enduring; it’s about coming back even stronger after a setback. It’s a lot like farming. A farmer prepares the soil, plants seeds, and waters them. […]

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I Don’t Care &Raquo; Notes To Self By Mark Obrien

I Don’t Care

That may seem like an odd title for this post because it’s a celebration of the Holiday Season, a reflection of my incorrigibly stubborn hopefulness, and an acknowledgement of the inscrutability of human nature. So, perhaps I should explain. The world, as you likely know, is rife with turmoil. I say as you likely know […]

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Is Giving Back In Our Dna? &Raquo; Marc Joseph

Is Giving Back in Our DNA?

Since the beginning of America, we have been a very giving people. Starting with the Pilgrims in 1630, neighbors relied on each other to survive the harsh winters. The settlers raised each other’s barns, hosted quilting bees for the community, and built common areas in their towns. Benjamin Franklin, one of the most famous American […]

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My Name Is Michael &Raquo; Notes To Self By Mark Obrien

My Name is Michael

Those of you who’ve been to the dance with me likely know of my baby brother, Woody. I’m his legal Guardian and Conservator. The day before Thanksgiving, he wasn’t feeling well. One of the staff members from his group home took him to the emergency room (ER). His blood pressure was 66/45. He was kept […]

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Heart &Amp; Soul Of A Singer &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Heart & Soul of a Singer

An artist is someone who has a special and unique connection to the inner self bringing to the world a deep emotional releasing that can be felt at the core. Madison Tayor powerfully expresses feelings and the relationship between the human experience and the unspoken parts through her lyrics and songs. She grew up with […]

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