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I Have A Dream &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

I Have a Dream

Tim Steinruck is a solo rock artist with 30+ years of music and performance experience. His soul awakened to a deep connection with a calling that entwines music, life, mystery, and a passion infused with purpose. Through a teenager’s drive to push the limits, a journey into the world of music began. Elevating to an […]

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An Enriching Journey In Music &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

An Enriching Journey in Music

Some people know what they want in life, others figure it out along the way. Rocky Michaels, multi-award-winning independent singer-songwriter and recording artist was encouraged to learn the piano at a young age and the rest fell into place. We learn by watching others and it can stir something within that takes us down a […]

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Heart &Amp; Soul Of A Singer &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Heart & Soul of a Singer

An artist is someone who has a special and unique connection to the inner self bringing to the world a deep emotional releasing that can be felt at the core. Madison Tayor powerfully expresses feelings and the relationship between the human experience and the unspoken parts through her lyrics and songs. She grew up with […]

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Passion For Becoming A Singer/Songwriter &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Passion For Becoming A Singer/Songwriter

Those close to us and many times the world, try to make us someone we are not. Artists are often told to get an education and get a “real” job, and their passion for music is frowned upon. Today’s interview is with Linda Marks, who faced these attacks on her desire to follow her natural […]

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Ancient Dusk – Tribal Music Goes International &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Ancient Dusk – Tribal Music Goes International

You know you have met an Old Soul when you feel a deep knowledge not only through how they communicate their thoughts, but also the presence they hold. Tarzzy Metta is one of these people! He comes from Papua New Guinea with over 20 years as a creative Indie Artist. Combining his traditional tribal music […]

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A Legendary Songsmith &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

A Legendary Songsmith

Music is one of those careers that is viewed by many as not “a real job.” However, for the creative who has a passion for music and brings the element of a message related to life to the listener, music is indeed a valuable career. Meet Bruce Coughlan, a lifelong musician who picked up a […]

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Servant Leadership With Integrity &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Servant Leadership with Integrity

Today’s leaders have a responsibility to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.  –Lieutenant Colonel Oak McCulloch Some people are born natural leaders, others develop into them. Oakland McCulloch is a combination of both. He has 40+ years of leadership in the U.S. Army and subsequent civilian positions, Oakland highlights principles that will benefit today’s leaders and […]

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Overcoming The Menopause Lies &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Overcoming the Menopause Lies

Women get the short end of the stick when it comes to middle age and beyond. So many suffer from changes they cannot control, unwanted added weight, mental shifts, and many more life-altering symptoms. Meet Diana Thornton, fitness trainer/coach/mentor for women over age 40. She has used her will and determination to buck the system […]

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Reach For The Stars &Raquo; Success Interviews Step Into Their Shoes Eileen

Reach For the Stars

We sometimes come full circle back to our first love, and in this case, it is music. Meet Arlis Walker, frontman for The Southern Outlaws Band. He hails from the backwoods of WV, and has a strong background in music having left it behind, becoming a sheriff, only to find himself at a crossroads. The […]

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Blending People Worldwide “For Good”

Dennis Pitocco is an extraordinary leader who has created a platform that blends people from around the world in amazing ways. He has attracted over 1000 Featured Contributors, and shares podcasts, music, events, and ongoing opportunities to be with like-minded people whose purpose is to make a difference and create a better world. Dennis and […]

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