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Cultivate Coachability With These 5 Mindsets &Raquo; Adobestock 434287551 300X157 1

Cultivate Coachability with these 5 Mindsets

The frustration was palpable within a group of leaders with whom I recently worked. They were in a tough spot. Competition was emerging from unexpected sources. Revenue was not tracking to meet expectations. The organization was responding with significant structural change. And these leaders had been told by executives that if the business was to […]

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Grandparenting and the Cycle of Life

Judith Frizlen describes grandparenting as an extraordinary connection to our grandchildren without the heavy load borne by their parents. The post Grandparenting and the Cycle of Life appeared first on GaGa Sisterhood.

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Intergeneration Travel Tradition

Intergenerational travel has been a longstanding tradition in my family. When I graduated high school, my maternal grandma Amelia and I rode Amtrak’s California Zephyr from San Francisco to New York. We sat in the dome car and ate our meals in the Pullman car. I cherished my bond with my grandma and wanted to […]

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Thrive By Mastering The Five Pillars Of A Fulfilling Midlife &Raquo; Midlife Fulfillment Survey 728X90 1

Thrive by Mastering the Five Pillars of a Fulfilling Midlife

The most common questions I hear from listeners of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast are about the five pillars. I’ll paraphrase these common questions into one: “Why are these five pillars considered to be all encompassing in our midlife?”  I have a short answer and a long answer to this question. The TLDR (too long, didn’t […]

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Losing Business Never Gets Easier — Writing About It Helps &Raquo; 1Myyu Bq3Bv3Rnhnxtroccq

Losing business never gets easier — writing about it helps

Me looking wistful just after I receive a response about an outstanding proposal I love running a start-up; it ticks so many boxes for me such as: the massive improvements to my quality of life, the levels of variety it affords me, the uplift in my independence, the healthy challenge to build something from nothing, […]

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Best Friends, Better World &Raquo; Image000000 E1707923716232 300X246 1

Best Friends, Better World

Their story isn’t one of grand milestones or headline-grabbing achievements, yet, it’s a story of choosing significance and one where we can all learn a thing or two. Source

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Laughter Is The Anecdote To A Midlife Crisis &Raquo; 1F609

Laughter is the Anecdote to a Midlife Crisis

I love to laugh. My problem is that I don’t create enough opportunities to laugh. I have a hunch I’m not alone in this conundrum. Intuitively I know that laughter is good for me. So, I dug into this to identify the health reasons that laughter is good for us in midlife. As you read […]

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