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The Value Of Health-Basic Habits For Better Living &Raquo; Value Of Health Deborah Johnson 150X150 1

The Value of Health-Basic Habits for Better Living

Lately, I have been reflecting more and more about the value of health, particularly as I see those around me start to face health challenges ranging from worn-out knees and hips to the daunting reality of cancer. These issues don’t discriminate by age; they affect us all. Even though our life span has lengthened by […]

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Invisible Wealth-How Wealthy Are You Really? &Raquo; Invisible Wealth Deborah Johnson 1024 X 683 150X150 1

Invisible Wealth-How Wealthy are You Really?

“Invisible wealth” refers to assets or resources that are not immediately apparent or tangible but hold significant value to individuals or societies. While financial wealth is often the most visible form of prosperity, there are several other areas of invisible wealth that are equally important but may go unnoticed. If we only measure dollars, other […]

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Cut off from Grandkids, Depression Sets in

The purpose of the 2020 restrictions on older people’s activities during COVID – whether voluntary or government enforced – were crucial: keeping them alive as the deadly Delta variant raced through the population worldwide. But saving lives came at the cost of grandparents’ mental health, according to a study in the Journal of Gerontology: Social […]

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