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With increasing use of personal care products by men, they – as well as women – need to check out whether the items they use contain harmful chemicals

It’s not surprising that men are succumbing to the same advertising on looking good that has enticed women to buy for decades. The average adult man in the United States uses 11 different personal care products every day, nearly twice as many as 20 years ago, according to a survey by Morning Consult. The survey […]

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Weak Cosmetics Laws Updated, Finally, But Problems Remain &Raquo; 6A00E550081576883402Af148C88Fb200C 320Wi

Weak cosmetics laws updated, finally, but problems remain

Of the many consumer laws I’ve reported on over the years, weak laws on personal care products such as cosmetics are among the most frustrating. The United States has lagged behind the rest of the world in regulating the contaminants and ingredients in personal care products. More than 80 other countries have taken action to protect […]

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Your Guide To Taking Charge Of Your Health &Raquo; 8J7A5259 2

Your Guide to Taking Charge of Your Health

Does it ever seem to you that autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, and other chronic illnesses are on the rise? Or that people seem sicker and sicker despite our medical advances? Your observations are correct. Healthcare is increasingly inaccessible for many people. We’re surrounded by toxic synthetic chemicals in our environment, homes, and even our food. […]

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