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The Post-COVID Mindset Shift: Redefining Work, Family, and Loyalty

Embracing the Post-Covid Mindset: Rethinking Work and Family As an executive coach who’s guided leaders through thick and thin for over 20 years, I’ve witnessed a fascinating phenomenon: a large-scale mindset shift triggered by the global pandemic. COVID-19 didn’t just disrupt our health; it fundamentally changed the way we approach work, family, and even our […]

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What Is Professional Presence And How Can I Achieve It? &Raquo; Executive Presence 650X341 1

What Is Professional Presence and How Can I Achieve It?

What Exactly Is Presence? Presence is letting the most powerful version of yourself shine through. I like to cite the renowned leadership expert Sylvia Ann Hewlett, who defines “presence” as a combination of gravitas, communication, and appearance. Together, these elements form an impression of trustworthiness, competence, and authenticity. Gravitas is signaling that you have the […]

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Building Your Dual Identity: Strategies For Blending Personal Brand And Leadership In Business &Raquo; Building Your Dual Identity 650X366 1

Building Your Dual Identity: Strategies for Blending Personal Brand and Leadership in Business

In today’s competitive landscape, effective leadership isn’t just about driving results; it’s about building trust, inspiring vision, and establishing yourself as a recognized authority. This is where the concept of personal branding for leaders comes into play. It’s about crafting a unique and authentic image that resonates with your audience, both within and outside your […]

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Navigating The Formal And Informal Organization Within Your Company &Raquo; Formal Vs Informal

Navigating the Formal and Informal Organization within Your Company

In every company, there are two types of organizations that operate simultaneously: formal and informal. One is officially recognized, while the other is more organic and often difficult to detect. Understanding the differences between these two organizations is crucial for managers and CEOs, as it can help them navigate complex social structures, increase communication and […]

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How We Work – Perfect Vs Imperfect &Raquo; 143719414 M Scaled 1

How We Work – Perfect vs Imperfect

There is a struggle in modern business. As people show up for work, there is a tension between forces that push us to be perfect in what we achieve, yet we know in our hearts and minds we are imperfect in many ways. And the work goes on. We add more hours to the day […]

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To Be A Great Leader, You Must First Learn To Follow &Raquo; Get The Best Out Of People

To Be a Great Leader, You Must First Learn to Follow

Young Creative Male and Female are Organizing a Mood Board on a Wall of Their Cool Office Loft. Pictures Represent Future Motion Video. Colleagues are Working and Discussing the Project. Sunny Day. ” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ /> Leadership is often associated with being in charge, making decisions, and setting direction for a team or organization. However, […]

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Power, Positioning, And Posturing – Leading A Business &Raquo; Professor Desk 2

Power, Positioning, and Posturing – Leading a Business

If you are currently sitting in a position of authority leading a business, whether you built it, acquired it, or worked your rosy little arse off to get there, you still have choices to make every day. In order to achieve the best possible results with your business and your team, there are a few […]

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