1. 2.17 Building Belonging: The SAIR Collective Story with Corey Williams WFHForever.com 45:03

In this episode of the Work From Home Forever podcast, Corey Williams, the founder of SAIR Collective, joins us for an insightful discussion on remote DEIB consulting.

Corey shares her personal journey as a mom of four transitioning to remote work, highlighting the importance of flexibility and balance. SAIR Collective operates as a fully remote organization, prioritizing belonging and connection across differences among its team of four full-time members and contractors.

She emphasizes how remote work allows her team to effectively meet diverse individual needs, fostering a supportive environment where employees can thrive. She delves into SAIR Collective’s intentional remote-first strategy, designed to accommodate her needs as a founder and her daughter’s health condition, while embracing vulnerability and fostering a sense of belonging.

The conversation explores the challenges and opportunities of remote work, showcasing how SAIR Collective embodies a culture of empathy, inclusivity, and adaptability. Corey’s commitment to fostering connection and belonging underscores the transformative impact of remote work on productivity, well-being, and organizational success.

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Don is a serial podcaster and currently the producer and host of Work From Home Forever, a podcast highlighting remote employees and their engaging stories of furthering their careers and maintaining work/life balance. Don discovered his love for audio content creation in the 80's, when he and his brother would pretend they were DJ's and record voiceovers on cassette tapes. This passion was later reignited when he and his son created The Middle School Mind, a podcast to discuss a middle schoolers' perspective on the adolescent years.