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May 28th, 2024

2.20 Endless Summer: The Quest for Year-Round Sunshine

  1. 2.20 Endless Summer: The Quest for Year-Round Sunshine 39:58

On this episode of the Work From Home Forever podcast, we speak with Rebecca Thomas, a former recruiter turned career break coach, who shares her journey from recruitment in the UK and Australia to Coaching individuals through career crossroads.

Rebecca discusses her unintentional career path that led to a sabbatical in 2016, which became a pivotal moment for her and her husband. They explored living back in the UK, renovating a derelict barn in France, and ultimately chose a location-independent lifestyle, chasing endless summers between Australia and Europe.

Rebecca delves into the challenges and rewards of this lifestyle, such as trading a luxurious Sydney harbor view for the rustic charm of rural France. She highlights the cultural adjustments and the strategic planning required to maintain financial stability and personal happiness. The episode also covers her transition from a high-pressure recruitment role to becoming a career coach, driven by the desire for more meaningful work-life balance and flexibility.

Rebecca’s story is not just about a career shift but about intentional living and the pursuit of happiness on one’s own terms. She shares insights on the importance of daily rituals, meticulous planning, and adaptability when facing unexpected challenges.

The episode is a testament to the possibilities of creating a fulfilling, location-independent career and the joys of living a life aligned with one’s values and dreams.

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Don is a serial podcaster and currently the producer and host of Work From Home Forever, a podcast highlighting remote employees and their engaging stories of furthering their careers and maintaining work/life balance. Don discovered his love for audio content creation in the 80's, when he and his brother would pretend they were DJ's and record voiceovers on cassette tapes. This passion was later reignited when he and his son created The Middle School Mind, a podcast to discuss a middle schoolers' perspective on the adolescent years.

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