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June 11th, 2024

What Military Service Means to Women

  1. What Military Service Means to Women 37:22

This episode was created to tie into Women Veteran Recognition Day, celebrated on June 12th across 13 states. I love highlighting and celebrating women veterans and I’m excited and honored to share our stories on the Women of the Military podcast. This episode doesn’t end the recognition of women veterans. Listen to episodes, share your story, be part of helping others know women serve in the military. 

Thank you to all the women who were guests and made this episode possible. 


Women of the Military Mentorship Program

Girl’s Guide to Military Service available where books are sold. 

Signed copies of A Girl’s Guide to Military Service

Girl’s Guide to the Military Series

Amanda Huffman Women of the Military Podcast, Award Winning Author

Amanda is an Air Force veteran as a Civil Engineer. She deployed to Afghanistan with the Army on a Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan. She left the military in 2013, her husband is currently serving in the U.S. Space Force. Today, she hosts the Women of the Military podcast sharing the stories of women who have served and is the award winning author of A Girl's Guide to Military Service, a guide for high school girls considering the military.

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