1. Episode #8: Flip the script of your self-talk from negative to positive. Deborah Brown-Volkman 25:26

Michele Molitor was shell-shocked. Moments earlier, she was brought into a conference room, and without warning, was told by the Managing Partner she was being let go. If that wasn’t bad enough, she had to wait 3 weeks for the decision to be finalized.

She was being bullied by 2 men on her team who had made it clear they didn’t like working for a woman. Looking back, she would have addressed it head on, but back then, Michele did not know how to handle the situation. “Freezing” as she called it, led to her demise.

Michele’s confidence was shattered, but she had to pick herself back up. She discovered Coaching to figure out what to do next in her career. During the Coaching process, a light bulb went off. She knew she was home.

Michele talked to me about this experience, how she got through it, and why it led her to the work she is doing now: helping others overcome Imposter Syndrome (self-doubt) by rewiring their brain to reclaim their confidence.

Clients call Michele the “Mind Detective” because of her uncanny ability to get at the root cause of their issues. Coaching and hypnotherapy are the foundation of her work.

Michele wants listeners to know that you can move past career falls by flipping the script of your self-talk from negative to positive, even if you don’t believe it yet in the moment.

Michele Molitor’s web site: https://www.michelemolitor.com

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site: https://www.SurpassYourDreams.com

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“Wisdom Comes With Wrinkles” is a career-focused podcast hosted by 57-year-old Deborah Brown-Volkman, Career & Executive Coach who has 20+ years experience empowering clients to find new jobs, new careers, and new ways of overcoming workplace challenges. Deborah talks with guests who share their workplace experiences and lessons learned so they can pay it forward to the next generation.