1. We've Entered The Age of Influence Jason Falls 30:35

This is a special bonus episode. Many of you know I host a weekly live stream for Cornett called Digging Deeper that is also a podcast. Before we launched this show, Winfluence, we had a few interviews specific to influence and influence marketing I wanted to make sure were available to you here.

The first one of those I’ve pulled together is with author Neal Schaffer. His new book The Age of Influence, is a great resource for anyone wishing to understand influencer marketing from a process standpoint. From strategy to tactics, Neal shares the how tos and examples of those doing it well.

We talked back in June of this year and discussed the differences in his book and what will come in mine when Winfluence the book hits shelves in January. And Neal shared a lot of great insight into a lot of the ideas we discuss here on Winfluence — the philosophical approach, where the different types of tools lie in the process, how to measure the effectiveness of influencer campaigns and beyond.

Neal has been cranking out great advice across the spectrum of social media and digital marketing for some time and our chat over on Digging Deeper was so good, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. 

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