1. SE 6 Episode 17: Surviving School Exams and Menopause: A Parent's Guide Clarissa Kristjansson 35:38

Not all of us are parents, and some of us are small children; however, many of us during this time will have the collision of teenagers, their exams stress and our period/Menopause.

It can be a heady combination as I well know when I was in the throes of perimenopause with the Tom doing the Australian HSC – it brought us to tears many times.

In this episode of the ‘Thriving Thru Menopause’ podcast, host Clarissa Kristjansson engages with Emily Hughes, a co-founder of the Parent Guide to GCSEs and the Parent Guide to Post 16.

They discuss the stress revolving around school exams during the phase of Menopause and strategies to manage it.

During these candid conversations, Emily shares how the guides provide support for parents, the struggle of teenagers in adapting to the academic curriculum, and the unique challenges teachers face.

Apart from being an informative source regarding GCSEs, the guides also assist parents in understanding and supporting their teenagers’ emotional and hormonal changes.

The episode also highlights the need for holistic approaches to tackling Menopause symptoms and encourages parental participation in the podcast community.

Show Notes

00:16 Introduction to Thriving Thru Menopause

00:16 The Intersection of School Exams, Teenagers, and Perimenopause

00:41 Introducing Emily Hughes: The Parent Guide to GCSEs

01:08 The Importance of Holistic Approaches to Menopause

02:40 Emily’s Journey: From Teaching to Creating Parent Guides

05:02 The Impact of the Pandemic on Education

05:45 The Challenges of Parenting Teenagers

06:08 The Stress of School Exams: A Global Perspective

13:20 Understanding the Teenage Brain and Its Development

17:13 The Role of Parent Guide to GCSEs

29:20 The Impact of Perimenopause on Parenting

34:26 Conclusion and Preview of the Next Episode

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Clarissa Kristjansson Independant Podcaster

At 62 Clarissa Kristjansson knows that menopause can be positive, transformational and an upgrade in our creativity. Clarissa is an internationally recognized menopause educator, third-age women's health coach, and certified mindfulness and medical qi gong practitioner.

A neuroscientist and former corporate high-flyer it was her own perimenopause experience that set her on a different path to empower women. And by cracking open the conversation about our beliefs and behaviour we can shift the collective mindset to seeing menopause not as the end but as an opportunity for reinvention and revitalization.

She is the host of the popular Thriving Thru Menopause podcast.