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May 15th, 2024

How to Neutralize a Bully

  1. How to Neutralize a Bully Charle Peck, M.Ed., MSW 26:25

Jaime Hamilton



Communication is the magic with which all relationships are created and destroyed. Professor Hamilton’s passion is to teach people how to communicate in ways that enhance the areas of life that matter the most.  Because all human behavior has communicative value, we can conclude that communication is a fundamental skill that is widely underestimated.  It is in every fiber of our humanity.  Without it, we would not exist. 
Jaime has garnered an academic platform of excellence while teaching in Higher Education for over 20 years.   “I thrive on teaching communication skills that people can apply in real-world contexts.”  It is her dream to connect the world of academia with everyday human behavior so that we can understand the world around us in more meaningful ways.   Her teaching techniques combined with her real-life experiences allow her to shine a light on new and innovative ways to communicate.   She believes that relationships are the core of our human nature. “I want to share what I know so that we can cultivate relationships that help us achieve our full potential.” 
She founded The Comm Experts, a communication consulting and Coaching company, with the hope of teaching effective communication skills beyond the walls of Higher Education.  Her education includes a B.S. and M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Central Missouri with continued research education from the University of South Wales, UK. Her education foundation is rooted in Rhetorical Theory and Applied Communication.  She can be reached at


Bullying is about control. The theoretical approach we use helps us understand controlling messages within relationships. We expand this approach to bullying relationships as a way to respond effectively to domineering (controlling) messages.


All power is found within messages (verbal and nonverbal). Because we know the messages bullies use to garner power over another, we can create messages that help victims of bullying to defend themselves or neutralize the situation., Empower your child from bullying with our bullying awareness handbook for parents: Know Bullying, a comprehensive guide covering expert strategies with the goal of fostering more resilient children. From recognizing age-specific signs and effective school communication, this book offers invaluable insights for parents at every stage of their child’s development. Equip yourself with the knowledge to create a safer, nurturing space for your child’s growth.




Thriving Educator Podcast HOST:  Charle Peck, M.Ed., MSW


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Hire Charle to equip your teachers with mental health tools that easily integrate into their daily practice at your next professional development day. Based on her book: “Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution” 

Co-authored with Dr. Cameron Caswell, Teen Translator

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BIO: Charle Peck is the co-creator of Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program designed for schools to improve mental health. With over 20 years of education and mental health leadership experience, she has the unique lens of both a certified teacher and a licensed clinical therapist specializing in trauma. Charle holds an MS in Education and an MS in Social Work. Her role as a high school teacher coupled with her work with children and families in crisis gives her incredible insight into solving youth mental health problems stemming from our schools. She is the co-author of Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution and a global keynote speaker delivering powerful messages of hope to educators. Connect with Charle at: and on Twitter at: @CharlePeck







Clubhouse: @charlepeck






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Charle Peck Author | Keynote Speaker | School Mental Health Consultant

Charle Peck is the co-creator of Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program designed for schools to improve the mental health of staff and students. She holds an MS in Education and an MS in Social Work as a 20+ year veteran in education (K-12). As a global keynote speaker, she delivers powerful messages of hope to educators and facilitates meaningful professional development to equip adults with tools that integrate into everyday practice. Her unique lens as a high school teacher turned clinical therapist who has worked closely with adolescents and families in crisis makes her stories relevant and captivating to those struggling in today’s system. You can purchase her book “Improving School Mental Health: The Thriving School Community Solution” on Amazon. You can also listen to Charle’s podcast “Thriving Educator” and connect with her via email, on X + LinkedIn @CharlePeck.

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