1. Bear Market Strategies 44:10

Bear markets are tough to endure and can leave investors that are committed to long-term investing feeling a bit handcuffed. But, while bear markets are uncomfortable, they can also present unique financial planning opportunities that may help investors soften the blow and minimize the negative effects of steep market declines.

On this episode, host Joe Allaria will be joined by fellow Wealth Advisor, Jay Waters, as the two discuss five useful strategies to consider during a bear market.

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Joe Allaria Certified Financial Planner

Joe Allaria is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, co-founder of CarsonAllaria Wealth Management (an independent RIA located in Glen Carbon, IL), and host of The Retirement Power Hour Podcast, where he helps educate the 50+ crowd on how to invest wiser and retire better.

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Joe is also a husband, father of two boys, church musician, and avid golfer. He and his family reside in Glen Carbon, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.