1. 209. Transgender Truths - Coach Lee Hopkins Kara Goodwin 45:32

Coach Lee Hopkins is a transgender man who spent the majority of his life feeling alone and misunderstood. Thinking he just hadn’t found his tribe yet, he made a couple of major moves across the country, only to find that he still wasn’t making friends easily wherever he went. He recognized that the problem was stemming from within him, and he bravely did the inner work to recognize and resolve the issues that were blocking him from connecting with others. Now he is passionate about helping others through their own self-imposed, hidden blockages which are keeping them from forging meaningful relationships.

This is an important episode not only because of Coach Lee’s story and experience, but for the wisdom he brings forth toward the end about allowing grace for everyone through our communication with each other.

  • What small steps did Coach Lee do to draw more connections and friendships into his life?
  • How did his experiencing his greatest fear (rejection) actually help him enormously?
  • What benefits have been experienced through transitioning to being male, and what things didn’t work out the way he expected?
  • Coach Lee beautifully highlights the importance of asking questions so we can better know and learn from each other, rather than being offended that someone doesn’t already have the answers or being too scared to ask questions.


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