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May 22nd, 2024

Reclaim Your Energy: Ajax Cortes’ Tailored Approach for Thriving Men

In this illuminating episode discussing mens health, Hollywood trainer Ajax Cortes shares his holistic approach to men’s health and the path to unlocking your full potential. Drawing from his vast experience working with clients from all walks of life, he unravels the four pillars of vitality: optimizing sleep, nutrition, exercise, and the often-overlooked circadian rhythm.
You’ll gain a fresh perspective on what it truly means to be a man—Moving beyond superficial stereotypes to embrace the depth, nuance, and ever-evolving journey of masculinity. Ajax delves into the archetypal roles men inhabit, from leaders and providers to intellectual explorers and relationship cultivators.

Here are 5 key insights you can expect:
• Understand the fundamental competencies that define true manhood.
• Discover practical strategies for integrating the four pillars into your lifestyle.
• Learn how to tailor your fitness approach to your unique goals and biology.
• Gain wisdom on navigating different life stages as a man with purpose.
• Explore the paradox of the "lone wolf" myth and the power of community.

Ajax emphatically reminds us, "If you want to be your highest self and live the life you dream of, put your health first. It will be your foundation for everything else."

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00:00:00 Exploring the Four Pillars of Health for Men
00:02:25 Introducing Alexander Cortez on the Fallible Man Podcast
00:03:59 Defining Alexander Cortez: Father, Entrepreneur, and Educator
00:07:02 Beverage Maxing: Alexander Cortez’s Drink Preferences
00:09:28 The Innovation of Branded Water in the Music Industry
00:11:12 The Power of Branding and Unique Products
00:12:44 Memorable Graduation and Transition to Adulthood
00:15:02 Introduction and Name Preference
00:18:15 The Journey of a Fitness Career
00:24:04 Challenges and Realities of Personal Training Certification
00:30:43 Appreciation for Fitness Programs and Influential Figures
00:33:45 Defining Masculinity and the Depth of Being a Man
00:41:25 Evolving Priorities of Manhood
00:44:12 Shifting Conversations in Manhood
00:45:32 Life Cycle of Man
00:49:07 The Importance of Men’s Health
00:51:43 Four Pillars of Men’s Health
00:59:47 The Importance of Personalized Training Programs
01:01:44 Customizing Fitness for Genetic Individuality
01:04:58 Differences in Training Approaches for Genetic Variability
01:07:05 Training Around Injuries and Recovery
01:08:29 Personal Journey of Overcoming Injury Through Fitness
01:09:38 The Importance of Prioritizing Health
01:13:09 Future Projects and Entrepreneurial Ventures
01:16:22 Male Loneliness and Social Support
01:18:55 Key Takeaway: Health and Success
01:19:51 The Fallible Man Podcast: Your Home for Manhood

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My name is Brent and I am an entrepreneur mostly known for being a Men’s Relationship & Personal Development Coach, the Host of The Fallible Man Podcast, a Speaker, Personal Trainer and an Event Coordinator.

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