1. Conquering Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome - David Stone Damon Pistulka 48:18

In this The Faces of Business episode, David Stone, Co-Founder, i-fearless, Co-Owner, blüStone Marketing, talks about his experience as a successful business owner who suffered from self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and anxiety that significantly affected his life, and how he turned his life around with the personal development work that led him to help people conquer these challenges.


David Stone has been helping AE business owners win a steady supply of profitable work for over 20 years. David has coached and trained thousands of design firms and authored 15 books during this time.  Outwardly David was a successful businessperson but, on the inside, he struggled with fear, anxiety, and depression that worried his way into homelessness. This led to a 10-year journey of study, life changes, founding i-fearless, and authoring 2 books on personal development.


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