1. Smart Steps To Massive Goals with David Hyner Evergreen Podcasts 52:45

In this episode of the Connected Leadership podcast, Andy Lopata welcomes David Hyner, a researcher and speaker with a passion for helping people set and achieve massive goals. David shares insights from his extensive experience working with diverse groups, from school kids to senior business leaders, and emphasises the importance of having fun in all endeavours.

Andy and David discuss the concept of goal setting, challenging the widely accepted notion of SMART goals, emphasising setting realistic and achievable steps for big projects.

Drawing from his research and interviews with over 258 top achievers, David highlights that successful individuals prioritise setting and achieving massive goals over SMART goals. He highlights the importance of combining effective goal-setting processes with the right mindset and behaviours.

David talks about his personal journey, including his struggles with education and his transformation into a purpose-driven speaker. He shares heartwarming anecdotes of former students reaching out years later to express gratitude for his impact on their lives.

David emphasises the similarities between working with school kids and senior leaders, stressing that both groups share insecurities and doubts. He advocates for leaders to connect with younger generations, leveraging reverse mentoring to prepare for the changing landscape of the workplace.

He goes on to outline his steps to massive goals, emphasising the importance of breaking down goals into manageable steps and tackling the most challenging tasks first. He encourages listeners to prioritise personal development and maintain a mindset focused on growth and service.

Andy and David probe the significance of taking action, seeking support, and embracing accountability on the journey towards achieving massive goals. David emphasises the importance of tackling the most daunting tasks first, referred to as “eating the sprout,” and adopting a “go rhino” mindset, inspired by Scott Alexander’s book, “Rhinoceros Success.”

Andy shares practical insights, such as the “ten-minute test” for utilising LinkedIn effectively, highlighting the impact of consistent small actions over time. They discuss the role of mentors, citing examples from personal experiences and emphasise the power of mastermind groups in providing diverse perspectives, fresh ideas, and crucial accountability.

David elaborates on the historical origins of mastermind groups, tracing back to the Lunar Society, and stresses the transformative potential of surrounding oneself with individuals who challenge and support growth. Both David and Andy underscore the importance of seeking support, overcoming insecurities, and embracing accountability as essential components of success.

Throughout the episode, Andy and David’s lively discussion underscores the transformative power of goal-setting and the importance of fostering connections across generations to drive positive change. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their goals, identify areas where they need support, and take proactive steps to engage with mentors, join mastermind groups, and commit to consistent action towards their aspirations. Resources to assist you in setting up and managing successful mastermind groups can be accessed through the links provided below.

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Andy Lopata Author, Podcast Host and Speaker on Professional Relationships Strategy

Andy Lopata is a specialist speaker on professional relationships, mentoring, networking, and social media strategy. He is a firm believer that professional relationships underpin our success in business, our roles, and our careers. The right relationships with the right people can lead to new business opportunities, investment, collaborative working, innovation, and career progress. We just need to be comfortable approaching those relationships strategically, without making people feel ‘networked’ by us.

Andy has worked in the field of networking and professional relationships for 25 years, working with global giants such as Paypal, GSK, AstraZeneca, Wella, HSBC, Wembley Stadium, the BBC, and the Prime Minister’s Office of the UAE, among many others during that time. He has also worked with leading universities including NYU, Duke University, and Oxford University’s Said Business School.

A regular blogger for Psychology Today, Andy has been quoted in The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, and The Guardian, as well as many other national and regional newspapers and magazines worldwide. He has written or co-authored six books on networking and professional relationships, with his sixth book, "The Financial Times Guide to Mentoring," being published in Spring 2024. He is also the host of The Connected Leadership Podcast and has interviewed globally recognized names in business, academia, sports, and entertainment for the show.

Andy has been inducted into the PSAE Hall of Fame – the Professional Speaking Association Award of Excellence, which was held by only 21 other speakers at the time it was presented. He is a Fellow and a former President of the Fellows’ Community of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA), a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), and a Member of the Association of Business Mentors and the Meetings Industry Association.