1. Taru Fisher on Ageism... Rageism? Boom With A Bang! 58:49

Taru Fisher has been a guest on this podcast before.  New topic for us, old topic between us… age-old topic between us. 

Ageism is the last socially accepted form of prejudice.

We discuss Internalized ageism, Cultural ageism, Implicit ageism, and Benevolent ageism.  All are irritating, and wrong.

The medical system, tech subjects, are areas where people feel quite free to talk down to elders.

Honest and candid, personal experience and personal irritations…

Both of us have great analogies for the ability of our brains to remember more and more as we get older.  You’ll hear a few tips for keeping things straight!

Lots of laughter… because that never gets old!

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