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Marcie Coronado has travelled quite a bit, yet always comes back to Medanales, New Mexico.

It’s high arid dessert and a farming community where the main source of water is the Rio Chama. Between a lack of water and adverse weather conditions, it was often a struggle.

Her father’s side of the family is part hispanic, by way of Mexico and her mother’s side of the family is native to New Mexico.  

As the oldest, Marcie helped raised her 7 younger siblings.  The women of the family did all the cooking and weaving and the men did all the outside work, including the farming.

Marcie’s mother, Cordelia, had her hands full. Today at 87, Cordelia is still farming  and weaving- The South West Weavers. 

Marcie’s grandmother, Agueda Salazar Martinez, noted for her Chimayo-style woven rugs and blankets, a world renown weaver, has her weavings in the Smithsonian Institution in DC.

Marcie’s grandfather was the very first postmaster general in Medanales.  So you see, my guest has a long family history in the area.  Along with that, comes big responsibilities.

“My mother taught us to be good, share what you can, if you see someone struggling, help them up,” says Marcie. Marcie is still helping people out in her community today. 

Cordelia taught Marcie and her siblings that, “you always have to guide that sapling,  tie it on both sides so it grows straight.  You have to guide it otherwise it’ll always go toward the sun and you don’t necessarily want that.”

More information regarding Marcie Coronado’s Mother, Cordelia:

Santa Fe Living Treasures:


More information regarding Marcie Coronado’s Grandmother:

Agueda Salazar Martínez, Tapestry Weave Rag Jerga, 1994, woven cotton cloth on cotton yarn warp, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase through the Smithsonian Latino Initiatives Pool and the Smithsonian Institution Collections Acquisition Program, 1995.46


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