1. Career Pivot Questions? Marc Has Answers! #005 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 19:31

In this episode, Marc answers employment pivot questions with his trusty sidekick, Elizabeth Rabaey. Listen in for ideas to go forward!


Key Takeaways:

[1:07] Elizabeth introduces herself and her background, including a career pivot she is executing. Elizabeth presents questions for Marc.

[2:14] Q1: A 68-year-old facing forced Retirement has skill in journalism, IT, and pharmacy tech, and also has health and mobility problems, but wants to keep working part-time from home. Any ideas, Marc?

[3:21] A1: Focus on health first. Then look into freelance writing. Build a portfolio by pitching to write guest blogs on blogs and sites that interest you.

[5:25] Once you have a portfolio of work, ask a website to hire you at low cost, to get some street cred. When people see you have done work with good ratings, you can look at Upwork.com for freelance opportunities.

[6:13] A second opportunity is at Flexjobs.com.They have a variety of flexible and remote opportunities, for a small monthly subscription fee.

[7:53] Q2: I was fired with cause by a previous employer. I have since worked at a campus Starbucks, which is seasonally closed. What should I do now?

[8:21] A2: When fired with cause, immediately register with a temp agency, and get an assignment. When that assignment comes to a close, you are eligible for unemployment benefits based on the last nine months, so don’t wait too long.

[10:11] Also apply for food stamps while you are unemployed.

[13:00] Q3: A company with an online employment application had required fields for date of high school graduation, current salary, and disabilities (including diabetes). Are those questions legal to ask? How should I respond?

[14:17] A: Those are all illegal questions, which are now commonly asked. You can report them to the EEOC, and not get that job, or you can overlook them and apply.

[16:58] To submit your question, go to CareerPivot.com, click Contact Me, and type it in. Marc will award you a $25 Amazon gift card if he uses your question on the podcast!

[17:35] (Elizabeth starts working on her question!)


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