1. Shutting Down the Noise That Strangles Our Creativity with Maria Brito Dr. Ron Kaiser 41:47

Following her parents’ idea of a successful life, Maria Brito chose a dependable career with a solid income stream and became a corporate attorney in New York. Law wasn’t her passion, and soon she became an attorney who hated her job. Fast forward some years, she started reconsidering her career choice, feeling guilt and shame, and questioning the example she was setting for her child. 

Then, one day, Maria took a deep look inside her and decided to start a business that allowed her to combine her passion for art and her skills to communicate and establish relationships and do something meaningful and fulfilling with them.  

Maria Brito is a Venezuelan-born Art Advisor, Curator, Creative Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker. Maria developed more than a hundred private and corporate collections working in fine art for over a decade. She is the author of “Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping,” and the soon to be published “How Creativity Rules The World: The Art and Business of Turning Your Ideas Into Gold.” 

In this episode, we go through Maria’s fascinating story from corporate attorney to art curator, author, and creativity advocate. We talk about creativity, how modern education, and the established definition of success conspire to expel creativity from our bodies. We also dive into reclaiming creativity, bringing it back into our lives, and stimulating it in kids. Maria shared interesting nuggets on neuroplasticity, how to use it to enhance our creativity, the deep bond between intuition and a creative mind, and much more. 

Tune in to Episode 122 and learn about the best ways to reconnect with the intuitive and creative part of ourselves. 

Some Questions I Ask:

Can you tell us about your journey of becoming the 2022 version of Maria Brito? (4:31)

Can creativity be taught? (12:07)

What about those who feel that they’ve missed out on something. People in their second half-century of life, what suggestions do you have for them? Is it too late for them? (22:32)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Maria’s definition of creativity (5:38)

How Maria designed a blueprint for creativity (9:36)

The rigid education system we are exposed to is detrimental to our creative capabilities (13:23)

Things parents can do to encourage their kids’ creativity (17:16)

How to stimulate neuroplasticity, and what are its benefits (23:17)


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Ron Kaiser, Ph.D. Psychologist, Educator, Author, Podcaster

Ron Kaiser, Ph.D., is a positive health psychologist, coach, author, podcaster, educator, consultant, and speaker. He has been in practice for more than five decades, including 25 years as Director of Psychology at the world-famous Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University. As an innovative thought leader in the field, he has developed the concepts of THE MENTAL HEALTH GYM, GOAL-ACHIEVING PSYCHOTHERAPY (GAP), THE TYPE P PERSONALITY, and REJUVENAGING®.