Thursday - July 25th, 2024
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July 6th, 2024

Social media plays too much

Social media plays too much.

I put a large amount of time into all of the content that I create for kids. I’m just trying to share it with the world, and I figure this trending sound might get me a little bit closer 😅.

Does social media have you doing silly things to reach the masses?

#readaloud #picturebooksforkids #kidlit #videocreator #kidspodcast #KidsContent #kidsyoutubechannel

On this page, you'll learn a bit about me.
I'm the Author, and you can call me Rella B.
I love to write and rhyme really often,
If you don't like silly stories, proceed with caution.
Cows, patterns, and reading are my favorite things,
Teaching little ones lessons pulls on my heartstrings.
Right now, I'm a nobody from nowhere,
But I plan to have many more books to share.
A household name I would love to be,
But who knows what's in store? I guess we'll see.

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