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Taking Back My Life from Burnout – S02 E09

  1. Taking Back My Life from Burnout – S02 E09 infogtu 29:35

Today I am interviewing Melissa Aste, Melissa is here to talk about her experience with burnout and how she overcame it!

Melissa is a Massachusetts native with a passion for understanding human behavior and fostering growth. After graduating from the University of Richmond with a degree in psychology, she began her career as a research assistant at a nonprofit, focusing on improving educational outcomes for K-12 students.

Transitioning to Leadership Development at an e-commerce company, Melissa found fulfillment in empowering individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Psychology at William James College, she continues to deepen her understanding of human dynamics within organizations.

In her personal life, Melissa shares a home with her sister in Boston. She finds joy in culinary experimentation, yoga practice, lounging at the beach, or daydreaming about beach weather.


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Laura Noel Coach / Author

Laura Noel is an Organizational Development consultant, ICF leadership coach, and a senior consultant and facilitator with The Arbinger Institute as well as an International Best Selling Author and Podcast Host.

Prior to launching her business, Stretch Into Success, Laura served in the United States Air Force for more than 27 years, rising to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant. She spent much of her Air Force career teaching personal growth and leadership.

Since retiring from the Air Force, Laura has served as a consultant to organizations, individuals, and solopreneurs to streamline business processes while maximizing effectiveness, alignment, and impact. She helps clients stretch their thinking and mindsets in a way that opens them up to new possibilities.

Laura is a PsyD candidate in the field of Leadership Psychology and Neuroscience at William James College, where she serves as adjunct faculty. She has continued to develop her expertise as a coach and consultant through her studies. She also worked closely with her mentor, the late Bob Proctor, for years. Proctor who was a world-renowned expert in human potential and success.

Laura spent several years singing professionally in the USAF Band, both throughout the Boston area and around the world. When she’s not helping clients improve their results, you can probably find her working on her music. She is married to her best friend and fellow Airman, Gary.

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