1. Hope with Holly: Embracing Self-Love and Smart Dating in the Modern Age Tish & Ellen 52:29

Navigating the turbulent seas of modern dating can leave many of us longing for a lighthouse to guide our way. This week's episode shines a beacon of hope as we sit down with the sensational Hope with Holly, whose journey from a conservative pastor to a TikTok icon has captured the hearts of many. Holly shares her personal transformation with humor and wisdom, shedding light on the importance of building connections and setting boundaries in a world that often rushes toward intimacy without a second glance. 

Dive headfirst into the deep end of self-love and self-awareness as Holly recounts her own experiences, from an arranged marriage to finding freedom and true self post-divorce. She imparts the wisdom of the '90 day rule' and the art of vetting potential partners through critical questions that ensure your emotional and physical safety. This episode is a trove of insights for those who are charting their course in the quest for meaningful relationships, reminding us all that sometimes the most profound love stems from a place of self-appreciation and knowing one's worth.

Finally, we wrap up with the latest innovation in the dating app world, Skip, which Holly has been instrumental in marketing. Its unique features tackle common frustrations like ghosting and transparency, aiming to make the dating process more straightforward and honest. Whether you're in the dating game or enjoying the view from the sidelines, this episode is packed with laughter, Resilience, and the superpower of embracing every aspect of your journey. So, get ready to be inspired by Holly's story and maybe even discover a few superpowers of your own.

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