1. Ep 95. Smart Retirement Strategies and increased Social Security benefits based on an Ex-Spouse Tish & Ellen 47:05

Unlock the secrets to a more robust Retirement income as we join forces with Lynn Toomey, CEO of Her Retirement to talk about Retirement planning for Midlife women! With Lynn's guidance, we expose an often-overlooked benefit for Midlife women: the potential for women to claim Social Security benefits based on an ex-spouse's record. This episode is full of wisdom, revealing the eligibility quirks and strategic moves needed to bolster your financial security as you consider ALL your options for Retirement.

This conversation is a roadmap for navigating the complex terrain of Social Security benefits and beyond. We tackle the big questions, like when to claim benefits to maximize your Retirement income, and the little-known details, such as the impact of post-Retirement work on your Social Security. With wit and clarity, Lynn helps us to construct decision trees—a tool as crucial for planning your financial future as a compass is for steering a ship.

Finally, we address the stormy seas of ageism in the workplace—a reality that can capsize careers unexpectedly and affect the best laid Retirement plans. But fear not, we discuss  preparation and Resilience, discussing continual upskilling, networking, and the benefits of having a solid financial plan.  As our conversation with Lynn wraps up, she shares her infectious optimism, reminding us that with the right plan and a dash of humor, Retirement can be a journey to look forward to rather than a destination to fear.

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