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June 14th, 2024

Real Freedom through Franchising – Greg Mohr

  1. Real Freedom through Franchising - Greg Mohr Anthony Muiruri 38:07

Meet Gregory Mohr, a visionary entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal Best Selling author, and the driving force behind Franchise Maven. Gregory’s journey from a seasoned micro-electric circuit engineer to the CEO and founder of a thriving franchise empire is nothing short of inspiring.

In his two compelling books, Real Freedom: Why Franchises Are Worth Considering and How They Can Be Used For Building Wealth and Expert Resilience: How Entrepreneurs Are Leading the Future in Mind, Mastery, and Meaning. Gregory shares the central theme of his life’s work: the transformative power of franchising. Drawing on his vast experience as a restaurant manager, engineer, and franchise owner, Gregory offers a roadmap to financial freedom through the strategic investment in franchises.

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Anthony Muiruri Motivational Speaker/Writer and Podcaster

Anthony is a motivational speaker who was born and grew up in Kenya.

He is an author of "Be Good For Good: Stories of goodness with lessons on life" and "Achieve Your Dream workbook: The seven ingredients for success". More books coming

He is the host of the Now Tell Us podcast.

He is the founder/owner of a platform that connects people to achieve great dreams.

Currently based in Athens Greece, Anthony loves travelling, paints once in a while but his greatest passion is seeing individuals becoming the best version of themselves fulfilling their God-given purpose in life.

He will be glad to connect with you.

Remember to read his books and also invite him to come speak at your next event or simply mention his name where it would be of great benefit to all concerned.

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