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As families, we are responsible for the well-being of our loved ones. We have the agency to speak up and request excellence in their care. As consumers, we are demanding better and I strongly believe that our environment plays a significant role in this responsibility. We want our environment to be safe and we want to know that the products we interact with only support our health and do not expose us to toxic chemicals. We are looking for cleanliness in many different ways – in our environment, food, products, cosmetics, and in the way we interact with the world.


My guest today is Daniel Lawson, the Co-Founder and President of Business Affairs at Viking Pure Solutions. Viking Pure is an EPA-registered, patented system for generating natural cleaning and disinfecting solutions, challenging the status quo and creating a movement to remove toxic chemicals from our environment. We will be talking about electrolyzed water, why it is so effective, how it can be used in many different environments and businesses, and how important it is in the senior living space. We will also discuss the many ways it can mitigate common germs and illnesses that are present in those environments. There are long-term health risks associated with using toxic chemicals, and we will address why it is essential to address this issue in senior living communities.


I believe that the environment plays a vital role in this, and as families, we can demand better. Families can talk and share with each other what cleanliness is like in their loved ones’ communities. I think it’s a no-brainer, and I’m excited about this technology that’s out there. I hope that you will consider speaking up for your loved ones and demanding better, demanding clean. I loved this interview with Daniel. You can hear his heart and passion behind what they are up to. Thank you, Daniel, for the great conversation today. I hope all senior living communities implement Viking Pure Solutions as a standard practice of care and cleanliness.


Daniel shares about:

  • Growing up with a heart for senior living and the mission to prioritize resident safety in care communities
  • The effectiveness of Viking Pure Solutions and non-toxic cleaning products
  • How senior living communities are adopting clean practices and the ways they’ve seen improved resident success and increased family satisfaction
  • Upholding resident safety and dignity through clean practices
  • Understanding the science behind electrolyzed water
  • The risk and long-term health implications of using toxic chemicals
  • The various germs and illnesses that can be eradicated through Viking Pure Solutions
  • How underlying health conditions can be exasperated by toxic chemicals and the ways we can overcome the health implications by adopting clean practices
  • The ease and opportunities for implementation, training and obtaining an Anti-Microbial Certification for your community
  • Elevating our practices to meet consumer needs of desiring safe practices
  • How he is hopeful about the future of clean and where we can learn more



Learn more at Viking Pure Solutions.



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