1. Dane Belton: Balancing Success and Personal Growth Jennifer A. Garrett 30:37

Dane Belton, an NFL player for the New York Giants, shares insights into his life changes, including becoming a new father and balancing his career as a professional athlete. He discusses the impact of fatherhood, the support from his partner, and adapting to the challenges it brings alongside his demanding football career. Dane reflects on his personal growth, off-field ventures such as investing and community involvement and emphasizes the importance of health and recovery routines to maintain peak performance. He recounts memorable moments from his NFL career, including significant games and takeaways. The discussion also covers mental strategies for high performance, the value of team chemistry, leadership advice for aspiring athletes, and Dane’s commitment to giving back through charity events.


Episode Highlights:

01:19 Balancing Act: Professional Athlete and New Dad

06:36 Reflecting on Challenges and Mental Toughness in the NFL

10:07 The Art of the Game: Strategies, Preparation, and Team Dynamics

19:23 Beyond the Gridiron: Dane’s Interests and Community Impact


Dane Belton is currently an NFL Defensive Back with the New York Giants. Dane played college football at the University of Iowa and he was drafted by the NY Giants in the 4th round of the 2022 NFL Draft as the 114th overall pick.

Connect with Dane:
IG: @dbelton_
X (Twitter): @dbelton_
Website: https://danebelton.com/
Dane’s Youth Football Camp (Tampa): https://event.tixologi.com/5212?fbclid=PAAabgj9vtJS–3XDyv9bG1bpGNCdNvTfjH_56gZ_DbbM9c7Hz_KZ9CpUVWjU_aem_AZqblUI8SLmOt9dEtbHXlQyPEZqaixiCKzZ4gbj5xqGDzH7lZJKRRmxcBHk3rnp-CW0
Dane’s Palms & Pars Celebrity Golf Outing: https://www.amptevents.com/tampa?fbclid=PAAaYWKYHGE_FLKz62xXY-Lsh45mfQ7y_nqNWMvgH-8zeEzdhja1UmMTWfXac_aem_AZqwcINgbhngmNYcw5OZutrdzWi_UiHcpQenHnQ4EbGhqPm5iSblWIfkOtDbQT3bQkA


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