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July 7th, 2024

Zak Brown: Building Successful Teams in Motorsports

  1. Zak Brown: Building Successful Teams in Motorsports Jennifer A. Garrett 39:42

In this episode, Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, shares insights on leadership, the importance of culture, and the role of authenticity in building successful teams. They cover Zak’s journey in Formula 1, including the team’s challenges, their turnaround, and continued success. The discussion includes the significance of incremental improvements, the impact of new leadership, and McLaren’s approach to DEI and STEM initiatives. Zak also talks about his personal passion for motorsports, his history with the sport, and his collection of historical documents.


Episode Highlights:

01:34 Leadership and Culture at McLaren

08:06 The Importance of Fun and Engagement

16:40 Innovation and Technology in Motorsports

19:03 Zak Brown’s Journey into Racing

21:35 McLaren’s Formula 1 Journey: From Struggles to Success

22:29 Leadership Changes and Team Restructuring

25:37 Lando Norris: From Podiums to Victory

26:23 Engaging Fans and Showcasing Drivers

27:36 Innovative Sponsorship Strategies


As Chief Executive of McLaren Racing, Zak Brown has overall responsibility for the business, including strategic direction, operational performance, marketing and commercial development. Zak leads McLaren’s direction and involvement in professional motorsport, spearheaded by the McLaren Formula 1 team. Operating at the pinnacle of global motorsport, McLaren uses the white heat of competition to drive innovation and develop synergies across the group, including but also in Formula E, Xtreme E, IndyCar, and F1 Academy. 


In 1995, he founded JMI, which grew to become the largest and most successful motorsport marketing agency in the world. When JMI was acquired by CSM, a division of Chime Communications, in 2013, Brown became the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He then relinquished that post to embark on his journey at McLaren in the winter of 2016. A passionate racer, collector and enthusiast, Zak also sits on the board of Cosworth Engineering and competes and races as a partner and driver in Anglo-American racing team United Autosports.



You can connect with Zak in the following ways:

McLaren Racing Website: https://www.mclaren.com/racing/
McLaren Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mclaren/
McLaren Twitter/X: @McLarenF1
Download the McLaren App: https://www.mclaren.com/racing/latest-news/mclarenracing/article/download-official-mclaren-app/?utm_content=linkstream_link&utm_source=storystream


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Jen Garrett Branding Expert, Army Lawyer, and Podcast Host

Jennifer A. Garrett is an internationally recognized branding expert and creator of the Move the Ball movement who currently works with corporate executives and professional athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.) on creating powerful brands and using those brands to "move the ball" in business. Jen hosts the Move the Ball podcast, has seven college degrees, is an Army officer, is a mom of five, is a former Fortune 50 executive and is the author of the books: Move the Ball: How American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals and Dominate the Game: How Life Changes When You Show Up.

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