1. How to Pick the Right Speaker for Your Event with Speaker Bureau SVP Brian Palmer Terry McDougall 32:15

Brian Palmer is SVP of National Speakers Bureau. Over forty years ago Brian's father, John Palmer, founded National Speakers Bureau because he wanted to provide knowledgeable, ethical and creatively thoughtful options to those people charged with finding the right speakers for their audiences.

In 2018 NSB became a division of Premiere Speakers Bureau where Brian continues to help his customers capture the hearts and minds of those important to them. Brian and his jazz violinist wife of 28 years, Paula, have two kids who are working hard, being good and enjoying their 20s.

Brian graduated from Drake University with a BA in Speech Communications, and earned an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

To learn more about National Speakers Bureau, go to www.nationalspeakers.com

To reach Brian: 
Brian@Nationalspeakers.com or 847.281.3574 


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Her book Winning the Game of Work is available at Amazon

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